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Having a Good time after the Parade of Title Holders
Irish Setter Club of America National 2010
From L to R – Jan with Lacey PJ, Kim with (Lacey’s brother) Murphy, Suzy with Libby, Tony with (Libby’s brother)

This picture is from May 2005 – Bozo taking Best of Breed with 3 of his sons, Chopper, Lance and Shamus placing 1, 2 & 3 in the puppy class at the Madison, WI shows under the respected Judge Robert Berndt.

About Us

Our Irish Setters are part of our family.  We enjoy being outside and working with the dogs and birds.  We started to keep quail for doing our own pointing dog training in May 2008.  We do both field work and conformation.  We have been successful with both and consider “the journey” the best part.  A good sense of humor is essential in dog training! 

Rollicking is a part of the official Irish Setter Breed Standard and we agree it is very present in our dogs.  These are fun loving active dogs that require a lot of exercise.  If you are considering an Irish, be advised that they also need at least weekly grooming with combing and brushing to maintain that beautiful coat.  This can also be a great bonding and relaxing time with your dog.  They also require maintenance such as nail trimming and routine hair trimming around the head, neck, feet and other areas. 

Our Dogs are OFA certified for hips and elbows, and tested to be genetically free of PRA, Clad and Vwd.   These are diseases that can be passed on to offspring if they are present.  In our future breeding program we will strive for happy, healthy offspring that look good and move well both in the field and conformation ring.  We are members of the Irish Setter Club of America, the Irish Setter Club of Minnesota and the Indianhead Kennel Club of Eau Claire, WI.

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